New year, new decade, new website + blog

January 02 2020 | #meta

Welcome to my new website + blog! Sometimes I get the itch to remember how much I’ve forgotten about how CSS works, and a few days later the result is something like this: an (almost) entirely static website + blog, created with Jekyll and hosted on GitHub.

In actual fact, as anyone who follows me on Twitter may have noticed, I started publicly musing about registering a personal domain and moving my website off university hosting some time ago. In the intervening months I spent more time than it deserved considering the optics of .com vs .net vs .org (thanks to everyone who was willing to talk about this with me), as well as paid web hosting vs ad-supported blogs.

It was only at the start of the winter break that I happened to be reading yet again about the benefits and drawbacks of various hosting options that I saw a discussion of Jekyll. If you’re fairly comfortable with CSS and HTML, and have always wanted to be able to write if-then statements in your web design, or to define a header once and then automatically call it on individual pages, I highly recommend checking this out.

One of the appeals of Jekyll is that it lets you build a blog very easily within a static website, though I don’t yet know what kind of content you’ll be likely to find on this blog. So far I’ve populated the archives with the one “miscellaneous” item I had on my old website, a guide to how we webcast THEY2019, and as you can see from the currently-empty tag categories on the left I suspect that I’ll eventually post about my bullet journal (as seems to be more or less obligatory for anyone who has both a bullet journal and a blog), and possibly even the odd note about linguistics.

This site went live sometime last week, and I managed to squeak in and register in time for the new year. Check back for future updates! (Or just wait to see posts announced on social media.)